Vehicle Defects

St. Louis County, Missouri Attorneys Provide Tenacious Representation When a Vehicle Defect Results in Serious Injury or Death

Do you suspect that a defect in your vehicle contributed to your car accident?

Every year, hundreds of cars and car parts are recalled due to safety concerns. Unfortunately, before the recall notices are made widely available, some drivers have to experience a malfunctioning car part, which can cause a serious accident and injury through no fault of the driver. In many cases, it is difficult to determine whether a faulty auto part contributed to an accident. But these situations do occur, and our attorneys at the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp are here to assist if you have any suspicion whatsoever that your car accident and resulting injuries are related to flawed vehicle design or a faulty auto component. Our firm is widely-recognized throughout Missouri as staunch advocates for clients injured by faulty or defective vehicles or parts. Call (636) 947-3600.

We review the circumstances of your accident to establish if a vehicle defect contributed to your accident. The types of defects that can cause crashes and serious injuries are wide-ranging and include:

· Defective seatbelts
· Defective door latches
· Defective child safety features
· Faulty brakes
· Faulty airbags
· Tire defects
· Unintended acceleration
· Unstable seat backs
· Roll-over tendency
· Unstable vehicle roof
· Improperly constructed fuel tank

Who is liable for my injuries and expenses from a crash caused by an auto defect?

Automobile and part manufacturers are legally responsible for the safety of their products. This means that if you suffer a serious injury or a wrongful death as a result of an auto part defect, the manufacturer should be held liable for your damages and medical expenses. There are two general types of auto product liability to which auto manufacturers are held responsible, including:

Crash causing defects – In these cases, a defect in the car or one of its parts causes a car crash resulting in injury or death. Faulty brakes and faulty tires, for example, are defects that cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and so would be categorized as crash causing defects.

Crashworthiness defects
– A crashworthiness defect refers to a flaw in the design of a car that results in a failure to reasonably protect passengers in the event of a crash. Examples of this type of defect include faulty seat belts or a weakly constructed roof. Though these defects do not directly cause an accident, the law finds the manufacturer negligent if the car fails to meet the required standard of crashworthiness in the event of an accident.

Our personal injury attorneys in St. Louis County hold auto companies responsible for their product liability