Unemployment Terminology

Unemployment Terminology

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The following is a sampling of terms commonly associated with unemployment taxes in some states.

Deputy: A representative of the Division or Department who investigates and makes administrative determinations on claims or matters of employer liability or to perform related work.

Division or Department: Generally the term referring to the state agency that administers Employment Security Laws.

Employer: Any employing unit that has sufficient employment or paid sufficient wages to become liable to cover workers for unemployment insurance benefits and pay unemployment taxes.

Employing Unit: Any individual, organization, partnership, corporation,, common paymaster or other legal entity, including legal representatives thereof, which has had in its employ one or more individuals performing services.

Employment: Services performed for wages under any contract of hire.

Insured Work: Employment in the service of an employer.

Referee or Judge: A representative who is designated to serve on appeals tribunals, conduct hearings and make impartial decisions on appeals from administrative determinations, petitions for reassessment and claims for unemployment benefits.

Temporary Employee: An employee assigned to work for the clients of a temporary help firm.

Temporary Help Firm: A firm that hires its own employees and assigns them to clients to support or supplement the clients’ workforce in work situations such as employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, and special assignments and projects.

Wages: Cash payments or cash value of remuneration in any other form that is given to an individual for services.

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