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Unemployment Law for Employers

At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, we are uniquely qualified to assist employers throughout Missouri, Kansas and Illinois with a broad range of employment law needs. Our founder, attorneyKenneth Carp, has extensive experience – including operating a business before beginning his legal practice – and understands the challenges facing employers of all sizes in employment law matters.

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Our commitment to ongoing client service – our “Continuity of Care” Program – sets us apart in the field of employment law. We take a team approach to controlling unemployment costs and maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients, unlike other firms that handle each hearing as an isolated incident.

Unemployment Administrative Hearings | Unemployment Claims Lawyer

Kenneth Carp provides skilled representation to employers, thoroughly preparing them for administrative hearings and positioning them to successfully protect their interests in regard to unemployment benefits. To learn more about our firm’s practice in this area, see Unemployment Administrative Hearings.

Other areas of our unemployment law practice for employers are Unemployment Claims and Appeal Hearings. Whether you are looking for someone to represent you at hearings, provide you with advice on discharging employees, assess your tax liability or help you in developing policies, procedures and handbooks, you can rely on our representatives to put your interests first.

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