Unemployment Issues

Unemployment Issues

Experience and Focused On Unemployment

At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp we are the employer’s attorney and are uniquely qualified to assist with employer unemployment tax issues. We have represented businesses as small as one employee to companies such as Wal-Mart. Attorney Kenneth Carp — our founder and a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel — works with human relations departments and business owners to combat unemployment taxes on a daily basis. Unlike actuarial firms such as TALX and Employers Edge, we provide “Continuity of Care” and personalized attention.

Unemployment Hearings Require Strong Evidence

Having unemployment benefits denied for a discharged employee involves more than showing that a policy or handbook provision was violated. A good business decision to discharge an employee does not mean an appeal judge or appeal referee will deny benefits. If you discharged an employee, you generally must prove willful and intentional misconduct, which is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you have the right conduct for a denial of benefits, you must be able to prove it at the hearing, which is where many employers make a mistake. Employers must have the right witnesses and right evidence in order to have unemployment benefits denied.

The Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp — A Difference for You

With attorney Kenneth Carp and his staff on your side, your chances at a hearing increase significantly. One of St. Louis’s largest employers has a success rate of 85 percent at unemployment hearings as a result of our Continuity of Care program. Simply defined, our Continuity of Care program distinguishes us from the non-attorney firms that randomly assign you different representatives for each hearing. At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, we strive to have the same representatives working for you, increasing your knowledge before and after you discharge an employee.

We know unemployment law, and we know business. Contact us at 636-947-3600 for your employer-based employment needs. Whether you have an immediate need or are preparing for the future, learn how the resources of the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp can work for you.

Focused on unemployment law – We represent your interests.

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