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Unemployment And Taxes

At the Law Office of Kenneth Carp we understand unemployment insurance and taxes. Our founder, Kenneth Carp – a retired USAF Lt. Col., knows that unemployment taxes can be controlled and you do not have taxes as an uncontrollable cost of doing business. Although every state may differ in some aspects, the federal government and all states have one thing in common: they impose an unemployment tax liability and the Law Office of Kenneth Carp understands those taxes and how to control them.

Contact the “employer’s attorney,” Kenneth Carp, who is uniquely qualified go provide advice on unemployment tax issues. Our representatives are in unemployment hearings every week and are intimately familiar with the legal world of unemployment tax. Whether you are a new business looking for an introduction to unemployment tax or an existing business looking to question your account or find a way to control your unemployment tax expense – the Law Office of Kenneth Carp has the unique knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Liable employers are employers who have workers that are covered by unemployment insurance and liable employers have the burden to pay for that coverage. All states have criteria which determine whether or not an employer is liable and that determination is made from information which is provided by you, the employer. Our comprehensive knowledge of the law ensures that if you have “excluded employment”, meaning employment excluded from unemployment benefit coverage, then you can save your unemployment tax dollars.

Our representatives can help you understand your unemployment tax account and the variables that make up your tax rate and how much you pay. With vigilance your unemployment tax dollars can be minimized and as the employer’s attorney, Kenneth Carp treats every dollar as if it was his own money. Variables which impact how much you pay in unemployment taxes include your experience rate, contribution rates, rate adjustments, and surcharges. With our vast knowledge of the variables your company can begin to save tax costs. Don’t rely on actuarial firms which merely process reports for you.

With the knowledge that the Law Office of Kenneth Carp you will be able to correctly make wage reporting and tax payments with the least cost to you. Recognizing non-reportable wages, tax wage base issues and how to correctly complete the contribution wage report will save you money on unemployment taxes. Simple tactics can save you money. For example, in Missouri the proper reporting of a new hire as “Probationary” greatly eliminates the risk of a new hire.

Call Kenneth Carp at 636-947-3600, the “employer’s attorney” and learn how the services of the law office of Kenneth Carp can make a difference to your bottom line.

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