Unemployment Administrative Hearings

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At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, we have handled thousands of unemployment compensation appeal hearings. We focus on providing personalized services at a reasonably fixed fee.

Do You Know Your Rights and Obligations at an unemployment hearing?

Being unclear about your rights and responsibilities could result in disastrous consequences for you. Even if there is a good reason for your actions it does not necessarily mean that you have a legitimate reason in the eyes of the law regarding unemployment benefits. In a recent Illinois case the judge would not accept being hospitalized in a coma grounds for excusing an on-appearance.

The Unemployment Administrative Hearing

These hearings do not seem overly complicated, but not having legal counsel places you at an unnecessary disadvantage. Our founding attorney, Kenneth Carp, is uniquely qualified to represent you at these hearings. He will work to protect your interests, which includes focusing on your interests. If benefits are paid to a former employee, it will affect your tax liability.

Our Experience and Service Are the Difference

With Kenneth Carp and our representatives on your side, your chances of having a successful unemployment administrative hearing increase significantly. Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your employment law needs with an experienced lawyer.


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