Rachel Caldwell’s 2015 Winning Scholarship Essay


Rachel Caldwell – Our 2015 Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp Scholarship Essay Contest Winner

Written by Rachel Caldwell

Berry College (Mt. Berry, GA)
Animal Science (Major) and Business Management (Minor)

Unemployment can come upon any working individual; citizens need to be prepared to take the next step, not letting themselves wallow in the current federal government’s ‘caress’. While some believe unemployment benefits doled out by the federal government incentivize people to remain unemployed while the government feeds them, I believe the incentivizing can be reversed. Instead of incentivizing people to stay unemployed, we can instead motivate them to become responsible individuals functioning independently from the benefits doled out. My belief consists of people being informed about the unemployment issue, Congress’ relationship to the people and the unemployed persons, and the resolution to get citizens on the track to success in the American economy.

Printing more money won’t make more money, it will just reduce the value of the money we have now. Funds for unemployment should be a finite resource, so eventually those monies will run out. This will help encourage people to seek new employment in earnest because they know their funding won’t last forever. As the extension of unemployment benefits are looked over by the Congressional power, it comes to me that Congress is assisting the people in need but still doesn’t look close enough as to whether or not the recipient truly needs the money. Certainly, people may be in need of extended remunerations to them while seeking a job, but there needs to be a clarification of those earnestly seeking employment versus complacency in the instance of joblessness. Congress should be fiscally responsible and make sure the law says that payouts equal taxes raked in by American citizens. This requires all governmental branches together to determine who needs the apportionment most, because poor judgement can lead to incentivizing unemployed money leeches.

Several factors are associated with unemployment; from the parties involved, parties being the ones giving and receiving, and to the circumstances of those unemployed – all play major roles in this process. In fact, this concept is even principally related to standards statutes mandated by the Torah in Deuteronomy 24:10-15. In essence, this aforementioned passage details the compassion of the moneylender associated with the collateral loans between the neighbors.  Although it is not a direct connection, the principles of this passage could be applied by extending benefits and encouraging people to become independent, self-sustaining citizens of the American economy.  When neighborly, governmental help is applied properly, people will in turn thank them for their compassion and return to work, thus creating a sustainable path towards responsibility and not codependency on government goodies.

Unemployment rates are now on the decline, but people are also getting away from the job market.  Perhaps Congress can use their legislative powers to encourage the executive branch to do the right thing. Congress can help motivate the people to be more liable for their personal savings and the people can support Congress in serving the needier. The result can be more self-sustenance by the American people, freeing up precious governmental resources and returning to the attitude that helped build this country.