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Pensions And 401(k)

Nationwide, people know that Kenneth Carp Understands Pensions and Retirement Accounts.

Attorney Kenneth Carp, retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel, knows and understands pension and retirement accounts. These benefits are yours and remain yours after you leave your job. Understanding how to move pension or retirement accounts from an employer or how to begin receiving benefits may be complicated and Kenneth Carp can assist with this process.

Resident with a pension before leaving your job

  • Learn if you can move it away from the old employer
  • See how it can be transferred without tax liability
  • Learn how to control you investment. It does not have to be moved to a new employer.

Whether you quit or were fired if it’s your retirement

  • If you earned a pension or 401(k) it may be yours to move
  • Taking a check and not going directly into a new retirement account can cost you

Age Correct investment choices can be difficult and should consider

  • Family status
  • Other sources of retirement income

Starting or looking for a job is hard enough without having to fight for your hard earned pension or 401(k) or trying to understand the procedures on how to have your pension or 401(k) transferred away from your old employer.

When you need an experienced attorney who will work for you, the attorneys at Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp are available to assist you. We have experience and know how to get you what you are entitled to. Contact us and speak directly with one of our attorneys.

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