Iowa Unemployment Attorney

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Guiding employers and employees through the unemployment process

Though the economy has improved overall in the past few years, there is still a substantial percentage of Iowans who are unemployed.1 Additionally, the chance always exists that you may lose your job at some point in the future for one of a variety of possible reasons. Unemployment can be frightening as your household will suddenly lose a main source of income and you may be afraid of falling behind on bills and building up debt. The Iowa government understands the stress of losing a job and therefore requires employers to provide unemployment coverage for employees who are terminated under many circumstances.

If you have lost your job and want to know if you are eligible for unemployment benefits, your first call should be to an experienced Iowa unemployment lawyer who understands how the system works and can help you through the process. Attorney Kenneth P. Carp is a highly qualified unemployment attorney who can help you obtain the full benefits you deserve, so please call our office today at 636-947-3600.

Fighting for the benefits you deserve

Applying with the Iowa Workforce Division2 and getting approved for unemployment benefits can be a complicated process. Some deserving individuals may be denied benefits for different reasons, including:

  • Errors or omissions in the application process
  • Your employer challenges your right to benefits
  • You do not provide the necessary evidence to show you meet the requirements for benefits

Having the assistance of an experienced attorney from the very start of the process can help avoid any delays or denials of benefits. In the event that your claim is denied, an Iowa unemployment lawyer can help you through the three levels of appeals.

Assisting in challenges of invalid claims for unemployment benefits

There are many situations in which an individual should not qualify for unemployment benefits. In these instances, your company should challenge any compensation claims in order to avoid any unnecessary tax liability. If benefits are approved for an ineligible former employee, you will have to appeal the decision and have a hearing. Having a highly skilled unemployment attorney representing you can greatly improve your chances of overruling the benefits award. A lawyer can present evidence to show that a former employee is ineligible for the following reasons and more:

  • The termination occurred due to the employee’s misconduct
  • The employee chose to voluntarily end the employment relationship
  • The employee is not looking for work or available to work

Avoiding unnecessary unemployment compensation liability is important to the success of your business and a lawyer can help you today.

Contact an experienced Iowa unemployment lawyer for help today

Kenneth P. Carp is a highly skilled unemployment attorney handling cases throughout the state of Iowa. Whether you are an employee or employer, Mr. Carp can represent your best interests in every stage of your unemployment case. If you are on either side of an unemployment matter, call the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp at 636-947-3600 today for help.