HR Resources

Human Resource (HR) Managers


At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, we are an exceptional resource for HR managers. Our knowledge of unemployment law coupled with our Continuity of Care program has made us the go-to resource for HR professionals. Our social media program, including blogs, tweets and LinkedIn, provide a source of current information for employers and a forum for HR professionals to share experiences and questions.

Training and Seminar Speaker

Kenneth Carp is an accomplished speaker and would welcome the opportunity to speak at conferences or seminars on topics related to unemployment and related areas of law. His energetic and entertaining presentations convey timely and useable information that helps employers control their unemployment costs and provide better service to their employees. At one convention, he presented on topics ranging from divorce to estate planning and bankruptcy. The “primer” on this topics helped HR professional better understand their employees and provide an element of counseling where needed. In-house training is offered on the following topics:

  • Claim processing
  • Filing unemployment appeals
  • Witness selection — unemployment appeals
  • Evidence – unemployment appeals
  • Hearing preparation
  • Post-unemployment appeal options


General Counsel for Your Company

Kenneth Carp acts as general counsel (lead attorney) for a range of companies. His readily accessible and affordable counsel makes him the perfect choice for small rural companies as well as corporations with 125 tractor-trailers on the roads throughout the United States. As general counsel,Kenneth Carp is known as a problem solver. Mick McCoy of AllStar Transportation, Inc., sums it up as follows: “Tell Ken where you want to end up and he’ll find you the most affordable and simplest route.” Call us and discuss the various ways we can work with you. Whether as a speaker or as your attorney, we can help you better achieve your goals by working with you affordably and conscientiously.

Focused on unemployment law – We represent your interests.