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Traffic violations may have particularly serious consequences for commercial drivers. In fact, certain citations or tickets may put a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in jeopardy, which may prevent the driver from earning a living. To help mitigate the consequences you face for a CDL citation or ticket, you should always consult with an experienced traffic attorney at the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp at 636-947-3600 today.

Tickets can threaten your CDL

In order to operate a commercial vehicle, you must obtain a special commercial driver’s license. Once you have your CDL, you must obey strict regulations set out by both Missouri state law and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard of driving than regular drivers because large commercial vehicles such as buses or semi-trucks can cause particularly devastating damage in the event of an accident.

Just like any other driver, commercial drivers may receive citations that are minor, serious, or major. While minor tickets have less of an effect on a CDL, major violations may result in immediate temporary or permanent disqualification of your CDL. A first conviction for a major violation can result in a suspension for one year, while a second conviction may result in a revocation for 10 years to life. Examples of major violations include:

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or a controlled substance
Using a commercial vehicle in the commission of a felony offense
Fleeing the scene of an accident
Operating a commercial vehicle on a disqualified CDL
Committing manslaughter or homicide through negligent operation of a vehicle

Accumulation of serious offenses may also result in disqualification. While you will not lose your CDL for a first serious offense, second or third violations in a three-year period may result in 60 and 120-day suspensions, respectively. Serious offenses include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Erratic or otherwise improper lane changes
  • Tailgating
  • Driving without a CDL in your possession

These are only some examples of CDL violations. Losing your CDL not only affects your freedom, but often also your financial viability. An experienced attorney can help limit the consequences you face and help preserve your ability to continue to work as a commercial driver.

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If you are a CDL holder and have received a citation in the St. Louis or St. Charles area, it is imperative that you seek representation from a traffic attorney who is experienced in CDL-related cases. Do not risk losing your ability to earn a living as a commercial truck driver due to a traffic violation or related offense. Please do not hesitate to call 636-947-3600 to schedule a free consultation with the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp today.