Unemployment Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals

As an unemployment-focused law firm, we are an appreciated and respected source of referrals from attorneys and law firms. Whether a referral to us is for a single case or a long-term relationship, we provide your clients:

  • Exceptional representation at a value-oriented price fixed at the time of engagement.

  • Respect of your client as your client.

  • Preparation for appeal hearings that are under oath. If a wrongful termination claim is a possibility, we are sensitive to what testimony is taken or given.

  • Feedback to the referring attorney regarding workers’ compensation claims, allegations of harassment and discrimination. These issues are often discussed in unemployment appeal hearings.

  • Value-oriented services. Our volume and experience allow us to provide your clients exceptional service at a price which is not cost prohibitive.

  • Our “Continuity of Care Program” Our relationship is ongoing. Whether we are a source of one referral or 100, we help our mutual clients build and learn from their experiences. At the end of an unemployment hearing, we help our clients prepare for future hearings and understand how to better handle similar situations.

Call our founder, Kenneth Carp, to learn more about our acceptance of referrals.


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