Unemployment Appeal Hearings

Appeal Hearings

The unemployment appeal hearing is where the initial determination of an unemployment claim is disputed. At the Law office of Kenneth Carp we are conducting unemployment hearings every week and we know the law and how judges interpret and apply the law. The unemployment appeal hearing affects the current claim and more importantly affects your claim rate which impacts your unemployment tax dollars. Contact us at 636-947-3600 and let us tell you how proper representation ensures your case will be handled professionally and responsibly. You have the details which is only half the battle. Presenting the evidence in a way that conforms with the law is critical to your success.

Attorney Kenneth Carp, who can be contacted at 636-947-3600, and his representatives have conducted thousands of hearings and know that the hearings may appear informal but the judges apply strictly construed laws in determining whether benefits will be paid. Listening and appropriately responding are the trademarks of the representatives at the Law Office of Kenneth Carp. We understand the law and when the judge asks a question of either the employer or claimant we recognize what aspect of the law the judge is applying. Solid preparation and knowledge of the law are key aspects of our practice. In addition, our “Continuity of Care Program” enhances the likelihood of success at the hearing.

The Appeal Hearing is the only opportunity for the employer or claimant to enter facts into the record regarding the separation from employment. Any subsequent applications for review or appeals will rely only on the physical evidence and oral testimony at the appeal hearing. Attorney Kenneth Carp understand the importance of making the proper record at the appeal hearing. His most recent victory at the Missouri Court of Appeals is indicative of his expertise and knowledge of the record during the initial appeal hearing.

Proper evidence, a history of progressive discipline or a resignation letter will not win a case unless you understand the law and how to present your case at the appeal hearing. In some states like Missouri an employee can receive unemployment benefits if he failed a drug test if certain evidence is not presented the hearing, at the Law Office of Kenneth Carp we know the law, how to present a case and are well respected by judges for our professional representation of our clients. After each and every hearing we will discuss the hearing with you as a part of our “Continuity of Care” program which is designed to make each subsequent hearing more successful.

Call Kenneth Carp at 636-947-3600 and learn how our fixed pricing is competitive with the non-lawyer alternatives and how together we can control your unemployment tax courts through solid representation at unemployment hearings.

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