St. Louis County Personal Injury Lawyers Seek Justice and Compensation for Amputation Victims

We help clients who have lost limbs due to accidents or medical negligence

The loss of a limb can be incredibly painful and life-changing. If you or a loved one has lost a limb in a motor vehicle accident, on the job or because of a medical error, you deserve the best medical and psychological treatment possible. These treatments can be expensive and cause financial hardship. It is important to understand your options for pursuing financial compensation for your loss and expenses. At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, we offer the experienced legal representation you need to pursue compensation in St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Lincoln County.

Amputation injuries can occur in a wide range of accidents or situations, including:

Medical malpractice – Even the smallest error during surgery or treatment can lead to the loss of a limb. Infections, nicked arteries and preventable blood clots can all be considered medical malpractice if they lead to the loss of a limb. Failure to properly treat an ongoing illness or disease, including diabetes, can also be considered medical malpractice if the patient must undergo a preventable amputation.

Workplace accidents – Factories, warehouses, retail stores and many other workplaces contain many hazards with the potential to cause an amputation accident. Victims of workplace accidents may have the right to pursue a personal injury claim, especially if the accident was caused by a third party visitor or by a danger that could have been prevented.

Construction accidents – Few work settings can match the danger of a construction site. Heavy equipment, sharp tools, falling materials and challenging work environments all have the potential to cause an amputation accident. Construction workers who lose a limb in a workplace accident may have the right to pursue compensation for their losses.

Motor vehicle accidents – Amputation injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence in serious motor vehicle accidents. Victims who have lost a limb in a car accident that was caused by another driver may be entitled to repayment for medical treatment and other losses stemming from the injury.

What compensation may I be entitled to?

Amputation victims whose injuries were caused by another party’s negligent or illegal actions may be eligible for compensation for their losses. Compensable losses include:

· Medical expenses

· Lost wages

· Pain and suffering

· Counseling costs

· Costs of alteration to your home or vehicle

· Medical equipment expenses, including prosthetic limbs

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will help you file a claim for your losses, gather the evidence necessary to build your case and pursue the maximum financial compensation through settlement negotiations or court room litigation.

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Losing a limb can dramatically alter your life, your career and your self-esteem. The costs of these changes can be significant. If you have lost a limb in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, our lawyers provide experienced and assertive personal injury representation to amputation victims throughout St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Lincoln County. We have the skills, the knowledge and the dedication to help you seek justice for your injuries. There are no up-front costs and absolutely no cost to you unless we win. Call our office at (636) 947-3600 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation case review. Google translator available.